que verde que era o meu vale

hello. walk for many days to make CopyPaste bibliographies for some work that I had to copy to the university and I can not answer you as you like. I have been consented only reduced intervals to read the news, search porn and see it. I was just reading the blogs on the computer (it's amazing that there are people in the interior who still can not do this) that I knew that the blog of the league of the blogs cinematographics will ellect the best movies between the winners of the oscar for the best movies. assim as well, I like movie blogs that are trully cinematographic, or at minimum, cinephile, but for reasons unrelated to me and my will, my blog is only cinebôlsico or cinepocketer, if you understand me. however, and because I love the duel in the sun and all of you too, I leave my topten óscas of winners. there:

10 - In the Heat of the Night

9 - Midnight Cowboy

8 - The French connection

7 - How Green Was My Valley

6 - The Deer Hunter

5 - On The Waterfront

4 - unforgiven

3 - from here to eternity

2 - No Country for oldmen

1 - the godfather

for you to find me even more fascinating, i leave you my topfifteen list of oscas candidate loosers who deserve to win, just in my modest but bright as well opinion:

15 - Mystic River

14 - Pulp Fiction

13 - Raging Bull

12 - The Exorcist

11 - M*A*S*H*

10 - the maltese falcon

9 - The Longest Day

8 - The Wizard of Oz

7 - Bonnie and Clyde

6 - Midnight Express

5 -Taxi Driver

4 - The Graduate

3 - A clockwork orange

2 - Doctor Strangelove or how i learned to stop worryng about the bomb

1 - The great dictactor

i like funny, you see,.